STAHL Europe BV, Holland

STAHL Europe required two Pigging Lines, each 150 M. They also required one Non-Pigged line, with a DN50 connection between 2 Manifolds. Because of hardening out and foaming of the products, all Piggable lines were equipped with 3 Pigs.

The entire system I.S.T. designed:

  • Allows product entry from 15 different sources out to 2 drum/IBC Filling lines.
  • Products can be transferred from and to all tanks, using the 3″and 2″ lines between the Manifolds. In total system allows product to be transferred in 21 complete different line-ups.

For the main skid, I.S.T. Molchtechnik used the following equipment:

  • 4 off T41 3-way valves using all 3 positions.
  • 2 off T08 2/2 way valves with 2 positions.
  • 4 off T40 T-Port Valve in the Pump By-Passes.
  • 1 off T57 Automated (sliding unit) Manifold 8×3
  • 1 off T57 Automated Manifold 2×3

A second skid to complete the nearly endless directions was completed and fully insulated against low temperatures.

All was fully assembled and wired (including Profibus) tested and ready to allow the complete skid module to be positioned directly from the truck into the desired place of installation.

During the Design, I.S.T. Molchtechnik used 3D techniques drawing for the visualisation of a perfect fit and space saving skid. The hose pumps in the skid are cleaned during the Pigging operation by using the same Pigging medium (water) for flushing.