A recently installed casepacker supplied to a leading global manufacturer of paint…

This installation shows the flexibility of a Packland casepacker which is specifically designed to meet the needs  of the paint industry. This customer had demanding requirements, small footprint, fast change over and large range of containers. The solution was a proven design Packland PP6 casepacker. With this machine we could easily handle the 19 pack sizes, ranging from 125ml containers up to 6L containers.

The product input and box output conveyors are driven by electric motors.

The cardboard blank and the vertical product placer are servo driven for maximum precision and speed.

The machine is PLC controlled and equipped with a touch screen for operation and for displaying error messages.

The touch screen features a USB connection for the download and upload of data.

Also, the PLC has a connection for a TCP / IP connection. If required, we can send updates via this link.

Changeover into another format is carried out with 5 hand wheel with numeric counters and 3 change parts. The changeover time is approximately 5 minutes